Gospel Readings for January

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The Gospel Readings and reflections on them can be found by following the link www.wednesdayword.org

Sunday 23rd January – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading – Ezra Reads from the Law – Nehemiah 8:2-6;8-10

Second Reading – The Body of Christ – 1 Corinthians 12:12-14;27

Gospel Reading – Jesus Proclaims his Message – Luke 1:1-4; 4:14-21

Sunday 16th January – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading – The Wedding Feast of the Lord – Isaiah 62:1-5

Second Reading – Gifts of the Spirit – 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Gospel Reading – The Wedding Feast at Cana – John 2:1-11

Sunday 9th January – The Baptism of the Lord

First Reading – Console My People, Console Them – Isaiah 40:1-5;9-11

Second Reading – Reborn in the Cleansing Waters – Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7

Gospel Reading – The Coming of the Spirit – Luke 3:15-16;21-22

Sunday 2nd January – Second Sunday after the Nativity

First Reading – The Wisdom of God takes Root – Sirach 24:1-2;8-12

Second Reading – The Cosmic Plan of God – Ephesians 1:3-6:15-18

Gospel Reading – The Word made Flesh – John1:1-5;9-14

Christmas Mass Times

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Father Paul has advised of the mass times over the Christmas period.

Christmas Eve – St Augustine’s 5pm St Oswald’s 7pm

Christmas Day – St Anne’s 10.30am

Sunday 26th Dec – Feast of the Holy Family – St Augustine’s 9.15am St Oswald’s 11.15am (no mass at St Anne’s)